Monochrome Art Photos Landing Page

Monochrome art photos were my main focus during the first two decades 1974-1994.

After my daughter was born I turned my back on the darkroom and concentrated on colour.


Monochrome art photo version Soup Kitchen in Pankow

19990501 Der Spiegel. Man at a soup kitchen in Pankow, Berlin, owned a polaroid camera and took one of me.

I was taught for the first year at an evening class in Barnet, London by Australian photographer

Bruce Hart. I am indebted to him for revealing to me the poetics of photography and encouraging me

to follow my bliss. The works of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Josef Koudelka inspired me at the

beginning, closely followed by Diane Arbus. The work of Ray K. Metzker „Pictus Interruptus“

had caught my eye early on and the influence later surfaced in the form of Souvenirs. Later

Martin Parr’s work gave me a great deal of pleasure. As far as colour photography goes, the

photos of William Egglestone showed me what was possible in that respect.

I came of age in Germany after I moved to Berlin in the early eighties. Living was cheap and I was

immediately involved in my environment. Taking pictures for a local monthly gave me access

to all kinds of people and being involved in politics got me involved with spectacular street scenes.